TR Extended Map: Marmara Edition – Gebze

TR Extended Map Marmara Edition: Gebze

It is time to share the first blog from the upcoming version of TR Extended Map Mod. After the hard work of our map design team, we are excited to present you new screenshots from the Marmara expansion version. The first stop of the drivers on their journey to Anatolia after Istanbul will be Gebze district, where most of the Kocaeli industry is concentrated.
Gebze is located in the east of the Marmara Region, in the northern part of the Gulf of Izmit, has a rich historical past, its economy; It is a rapidly developing and growing district of Turkey based on agriculture, animal husbandry and industry. Gebze is one of the largest industrial cities of the Marmara Region and hosts 15% of Turkey’s industry. Gebze is established around the roads that connect Anatolia to Istanbul and Europe. Since the roads are in the east-west direction, the urban area and industry is an industrial area developed in this direction.
TR Extended Map mod followers will have the opportunity to transport to 4 different companies in Gebze district of Kocaeli. We hope you enjoy delivering cargo to these locations with a wide range of industries. Realistic environmental design, recognizable points and ambitious intersections will be important details that increase your driving pleasure. By the way, we have not forgotten the bus drivers. You will also find the Gebze bus station in our map mod.
We are eager to bring you new contents. There are many more things to share. Stay tuned. Thank you for your patience!


TR Extended Team


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