Marmara Edition Part 1: Industrial Areas

Marmara Edition Part 1: Industrial Areas

After a long break, we are here with a new blog post. Today, we are happy to share with you screenshots and information about the industries coming with the upcoming Marmara Edition Part 1 for TR Extended Map.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at the oil refinery, cement factory and port in Kocaeli, one of Turkey’s most important industrial cities. You will witness how meticulously the map design and models are prepared, from the in-game images we have published. Our map design and model team transferred these industrial facilities and the port in the city of Izmit to the game environment very close to reality. So, the appearance of the environment has been enriched with assets and new models. We can imagine how impatient you were to reach these facilities.

In this blog, we also want to answer a few important questions.

Q: When will Marmara Edition be released?

A: We were very careful not to communicate any promises of when Marmara Edition would ship, but we understand that some of you may be sad or disappointed not to see a new map expansion to pass the winter with. We apologize for the long wait that we are asking you to endure. We said in our last blog last October that we were approaching the finish line. However, due to our personal work, unfortunately we could not release our mod on the scheduled date. Hopefully, the screenshots we are sharing with you today are proving that the delay are really worth it, that the new looks, and the new map contents are really something to look forward to. Unfortunately, we cannot give a date at the moment, but we hope to present our mod to you as soon as possible.

Q: What is the content in the upcoming expansion?

A: We divided the Marmara Edition into two parts to avoid further delays. Part 1 will include the Gebze, Eskihisar Ferry, Hereke, Izmit West part, Osmangazi Bridge and Topcular part of Yalova city. We will inform you with Part 2 later. But we can say that the cities of Bursa and Yalova will be included in this part.

Endless thanks to everyone who waited patiently despite all the delays.

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